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Barry Solone. Event Host-Presenter. Entertainer. Singer. Songwriter. Actor. Choreographer. Model. Teacher.

Professional event host-presenter, entertainer, singer, songwriter, actor, choreographer, model, teacher.

Barry Solone

Barry Solone is a singer, songwriter dancer/choreographer and actor from NYC.

He has appeared in several commercial ads, television series and films. Barry has produced and performed in film soundtracks, dance and popular music albums and continues to work as a voice over artist for various corporate interests. He has participated in countless exclusive corporate and private events, throughout Europe, as well as public concerts and festivals, over a period of two decades.


dancer / choreographer

He has worked in theatre/stage productions of Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar (and numerous others) in both American and Polish Musicals.


He has played roles in the TV series Dziki II , Londyńczycy, Lech Majewski’s 2019 film “Valley of the Gods” and numerous television commercials.


Some of his work has been featured in film soundtracks such as “Dublerzy “ (2006) and Disney’s “Zaczarowana” (2007) . In addition.

bandleader and vocalist

Barry has performed for hundreds of private and corporate events and music festivals over the past few decades.

Dance and House music singles include “Better Way” and “We Can Change it “ (Purple Music, 2007).


As an event host,Barry has worked with over 200 companies and is a natural M,C, with an affable personality which easily connects with almost any audience. Barry also possesses a versatility in his approach to corporate audiences from all industries, from postal workers to medical professionals, property and IT developers.

In addition, Barry often applies his experience as a professional musician to the task, not shying away from vocal performances, as a presenter, when required or requested.


Barry’s background, as a singer, is diverse. Firmly rooted in his traditional Gospel upbringing, he quickly progressed to musical theater, at the age of 15. Recording several projects during the 1990’s and into the 2000’s, he then transitioned from House music and film soundtracks into live performance, Jazz and Pop.

On August 2, 2021 the newest single “Hey Baby” will be released on most major streaming platforms, worldwide. The next full EP (album) should be released later this year (2021).


Versatile for product endorsements, television and film. Full range of character and ability.


Decades of experience as an overall entertainer- actor/ singer/ dancer/ choreographer- for everything from theatre and live music to public speaking and events.

Instructor, Coach, Native Speaker

Barry is an exceptionally warm person with the ability to easily make contact both in one-on-one and group situations. He has 30 years of experience as a trainer and 10 years as a vocal trainer.

Also available for :
Vocal Coaching in recording sessions (on request)
Personal Fitness Training (on request)
Native Speaker for conversational English (individual or group).


Barry is the best MC I ever worked with. His flow and energy creates the spirit of the event. He has conducted and / or performed in concert at several events for the WarsawJS Community. You can always depend on this amazing person

Piotr Zientara

event organizer

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